MS Design Connecticut, Inc. is a leader in in the design and production of high-end architectural door and drawer hardware for clients who seek artistically-inspired craftsmanship.

In the Details

Our precision-machined hardware vary from simple classic turn pieces to elaborate inlay styles using materials such as ultra-fine leather or jeweler glass bead.

Through our respected distributors we are able to offer aggressive turnaround times, formidable prices and superior finishes for any size order. Our total support in serviceability to our clients has earned us a reputation of commitment, versatility and flexibility.

Our equipment, tooling and finishing suppliers are carefully evaluated, insuring they are consistent with the high standards we place upon ourselves.

The Martovich Family


MS Design Connecticut, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturing facility located in Oxford, Connecticut. The business was originally formed in 1984 as a CNC precision machine shop. Over the years it has manufactured a wide variety of products for Airbus, Boeing, Black and Decker, Ford Automotive, a variety of medical products and other commercial companies. Whether it’s a strut that goes on the fuselage of an aircraft or a doorknob that opens the door to a beautiful home, our attention to detail and quality is relied upon to deliver… time after time.

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Naser Behluli


A true leather craftsman, Naser Behluli realized his passion for design and luxury leather material with his former employer, Edelman Leather. His unique sense of creativity gives him a signature style all his own which is often on display throughout various designer magazines. He works closely with his clients to ensure a perfectly balanced product, encompassing colors and textures that bring out the clients personality and home décor style. Naser has been servicing MS Design Connecticut for a decade and uses only the finest luxury leather from Edelman to ensure their hardware standards remain consistent in quality and integrity.



MS Design Connecticut and Klaffs have been doing business together for nearly a decade. Their custom capabilities and design sense has set them apart from the me-too generation of end users. Not only have they reproduced magnificent time tested designs, they also have a beautiful line of leather appointed door handles and knobs. Sue and Marty at MS Design Connecticut are always our first call when an architect or designer is in need of custom hardware.

Hardware Manager, Klaffs – Norwalk


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Learn how MS Design Connecticut helps customers and distributors through a seamless design and production process.

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