All finishes used on each piece of hardware is of the highest quality and is hand-polished and inspected prior to shipment. Our trained eye ensures a consistent look throughout a batch and over time.

CHROME polished, satin, barrel

BAND CHROME polished

NICKEL polished, satin

GOLD polished, satin, antique

BRASS polished, satin, antique, weathered

COPPER polished, satin, antique, weathered, verde

BRONZE polished, satin, oil rubbed

BLACK NICKEL polished, satin, pewter

SILVER polished, satin, antique


Canaan Antique Brass Straight KnurlDue to varying styles used in the application for each finish, an initial prototype must be approved before proceeding with the final run. Colors and textures shown on this screen may not be accurate and therefore an actual sample may be requested through our distributor.

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